3rd Thursdays through June, it’s free--signup 6:45 pm

Jam starts 8:15

HOSTED BY Cathy Winter;


                   NEXT: THURS Feb 21


                                                Eighth Step Open Mic has been a grand Capital                 

                                                    Region tradition since 1967!


                                                    We happen on the 2nd & 3rd Thursdays of every     

month                                          month at Proctors through June, hosted by me                          

                                                    (Cathy) with Howard Mittleman on sound; alternate

                                                    host, John Birchler.

                                                    Still across from Apostrophe Cafe, in Robb Alley, Proctors.


                                                    So take time to hang out, listen, play, read your

                                                    poetry, sing, juggle, do a monologue: whatever

                                                    moves you. We end the night with a jam, and it’s fun!

                                                    Talk it up, come down & play, volunteer to help with

                                                    hosting or sound, bring players or friends, or help us

                                                    get flyers around, especially to other open mics,

                                                    farmers’ markets, festivals, jams -- and to area high

                                                    schools and colleges. Help get us on radio calendars,

                                                    spread us around FACEBOOK or other online media.


The 8th Step started as a neighborhood coffeehouse, a

place to drop in & try onstage that song you rehearsed -

even if at home in the shower, maybe.

Open Mic meant live music - not a distant, fossilized art

form you only heard on a record or at a theatre!  People

came every week and brought new and interesting music,

readings, stories and improvisational theatre. And got

better and better.

Our Open Mic has nurtured some really fine performers

like Annie & the Hedonists, Jim Gaudet - how about you?

Next June our Open Mic showcase might feature YOU.

Underground stage. Oh, yes -- and sometimes we give

away concert tickets!                                                              (Cathy & her buddy Bruce Springsteen)

I love the open mic at Moon & River - casual, safe, public, weekly - a good combo.

Ours is complementary. You can get used to microphones and a stage, figure out

your next step in public, or introduce a new song or poem -- for lots of kinds of people.

Eighth Step Open Mic provides that opportunity.

The jam is icing on the cake!

Schenectady now is a vibrant, stimulating place drawing an incredible range of talented

people of all ages. Around town there are young musicians who'd love a chance to try

out a solo song, or jam with other players; established musicians who share their love

of blues, or folk or country. One of our most exciting recent Open Mics was led by Zulu drummer Shophi Ndigi from South Africa. Some top-notch jazz instrumentalists and rap

poets joined in, right there in Robb Alley around our stage. Nobody would go home!

So who knows who or what we'll get this time around? Be part of Schenectady's growing

art & performance scene - come on down!

                                                    ~ Cathy Winter


P.S.   E-mail me anytime about any of the helpful things above. And do stay

for the jam after the performances -- it gets better and better!