with RON GORDON, Bluesmeister

2nd Wednesdays - 7 pm, Fenimore Gallery at Proctors

No Cover    Blues Lovers Welcome



Hi to ALL blues men, blueswomen, blues players, learners, all havin’ the Blues!

For years I’ve wanted to get a Blues jam going in our Capital District. One where musicians just play, learn from each other, and improve their Blues “ear,” meet other musicians working (or playing!) toward Blues knowledge, mastery.

Unlike all the others I’ve tried, this is not an open mic,

a performance or a’s a round robin where musicians get a chance to lead a song(s), show or share a little about it, its sources, and a chance for anyone in the circle to play along!

The focus is traditional ACOUSTIC blues forms and songs. Yep, there’s some overlap with Country, Jazz, Jug Band, Old Timey...‘after all, Blues is one of the foundations of American Popular Music. So that’s okay, as long as we keep to Blues forms and scales - you’ll know it when you hear it!

We’ll keep this event to ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTS ONLY - no one overpowering anyone else, a balanced sound. (There are plenty of amplified Blues events around.) So - guitar, mandolin, harmonica, uke, wind, reed, bass, volin family, spoons, bones, washboard, maybe a snare...and most importantly your VOICE -

are all good.

DIRECTIONS: Take the elevator near the Box Office to the 2nd floor, turn left and you’ve found us..don’t forget, free garage parking around the corner on Broadway, and the coffee shop is usually open.

QUESTIONS? Get in touch with me: Ron, at

                                        Can’t wait to see you here!


                                                        Ron Gordon