The 8th Step Open Mic provides a chance to perform with a sound system, and then pulls everyone together afterward for a song circle & jam.

Sign-up at 6:45 pm for 15 min or 3 songs (whichever’s shortest). We provide mics, DI lines and a monitor; Howie Mittleman runs the sound board for you.

After, we adjourn to a circle, taking turns leading songs, maybe sitting in with others or just listening, with emphasis on jamming / singing together. 

Jamming is an art form in itself - and a great time for those of us who just love the musical synergy, or the chance to sing/play along. We’ve made some great music at the Open Mic Jams!

Each Open Mic has a suggested theme - NOT required, by any means, but meant to share our music. Feel free to stretch a topic or ignore it. See the list below for themes already announced.

One last thing: every Open Mic performer’s name goes into a hat, and we draw for free tickets to upcoming Eighth Step concerts. This may make ours the highest-paying open mic in the region!

E-mail me to join our Open Mic Mailing list.

Looking forward to hearing / jamming with you!

CONTACT:     Cathy Winter       Tel:  518-377-6312  



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THURSDAY, SEPT 21, 2017!